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Premier Panel Services is committed to maintaining a high level of Environmental Management standards.

Environmental Responsibilities

We ensure that all our operations are managed in an environmentally responsible manner. Our Paint System PPG. 

PPG has a Compact Paint System to match virtually any topcoat technology currently being used in automotive manufacturing facilities – B1:B2™ and 3C1B, in water or solvent versions. PPG’s commitment to sustainability led us to the current solutions in compact processes and will continue to encourage innovation. 

Our award-winning Compact Paint Systems allow customers to reduce VOC emissions, reduce energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions, lower initial capital and operating costs by eliminating the need for a standalone primer and associated processing. They also reduce the paint shops overall footprint and increases the facilities throughput.


Level 3 Green Stamp - MTA



Some of our other environmentally friendly behaviours include:

•   Preventing pollution occurring from our activities and operations
•   Recycling and correctly disposing of all waste products
•   Minimising water usage
•   Educating our employees in their environmental responsibilities and integrate it into their work
    practices, training and decision making
•   Continuously improving the environmental performance of our business
•   Automatic controls to turn the lights off in the male and female toilets
•   The use of recycled paper for printing

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